Dear Residents of Bottisham

  Bottisham has undergone significant growth over the past twenty years or so which has seen many young families set up home in the village. With expansion comes increased pressure on existing amenities and a demand for new amenities such as pre-school play facilities for the under 5’s.

 Unfortunately, unlike many villages, Bottisham is not blessed with land that can be used for social or recreational pursuits and neither does Parish Council own land which can be used for this purpose.  We rely instead on the goodwill ofBottishamVillageCollegethat allows the village to use the college playing fields outside of school hours.

 Bottisham Parish Council is seeking to address some of these issues over time but more immediately to establish whether there is a demand in the village for ‘pre-school’ play facilities for the under 5’s.  The only current pre-school play provision in Bottisham is at the Primary School but this is only available outside of school hours. The East Cambs 2012/13 Play Audit suggested Bottisham had a surplus of pre-school play areas but this did not allow for the limitations of the Primary School site.

 Each household will be delivered a questionnaire with the November edition of the Cresset which we encourage you to complete.  This will help Parish Council gauge village demand and preferences.

Questionnaires can be returned at Bottisham Stores, The Bottisham Royal British Legion and via the Parish Clerk.

You can also complete the questionnaire online by following this link:

You will need the number which appears on your questionnaire delivered to you with the Cresset.

Please return or complete your questionnaires by Wednesday 22 November 2017.