Bottisham (or previously known as Bodekysham and Bottlesham) is a large village with a population of 2,070 (as recorded in 2012) and lies 7 miles East of Cambridge.

The village has a number of 16th/17th century buildings which can be found along the High Street as well as a beautiful 12th century Holy Trinity Church.

Historical pictures and photographs can be seen below:


 BendysheManor - Medium

Bendyshe Manor 1790 (Demolished 1830)

TheRectory - Medium   TheWhiteSwan - Medium

The Rectory (Now Hilton Park Care Home)             The White Swan (Now First Copy)

Stocks - Medium   

The Village Stores

Tudor House Bottisham - Medium

                                                  Tudor House

Chruchandschoolyardwithpeople - Medium                                                                         MrHollins - Medium                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Church and the Old School Buildings                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mr Hollins (School Master, 1800's)


Pathtooldcemetary - Medium       BottishamChurch1801 - Medium                      Path from the 'Old Cemetary'                                 Bottisham Church in 1801


HighStreetCottages(old) - Medium                      KingsCoronation - MediumHigh Street Cottages                                           King George VI Coronation                              

TheAnchor - Medium          TheBell(old) - Medium      The Anchor Public House                                    The Bell Public House


     TheGeorge - Medium                                      Rose&Crown - Medium       The George Public House                               The Rose and Crown Public House


 Old Bottisham Post Office - Medium                       TheShops(old) - Medium                            The Old Post Office                       The Old Shops on the High Street


 Old PoliceHouse - Medium    BritishLegion - Medium                    The Old Police House                             The Old British Legion

MillardsShops - Medium                                                 Millards Shop

Bottisham also had an airfield, known as RAF Bottisham which in use from 1940-1946.

RAF Bottisham Control Tower - Medium

                                  RAF Bottisham Control Tower                                                                                                                             Thunderbolt Plane        

Thunderbolt Aeroplane - Medium


Commander Map RAF Bottisham - Medium

Command Map


Panoramic view of Bottisham from the Church rooftop in 1952.

1951-sized - Odd


cars - Odd
View from Bottisham Church 2016- Peter Rank


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A very special thank you all those who contributed to the 'History of Bottisham Photo Gallery'